Reviews for "Weather Man"


The animation was good and the sound was great, and the little "look what you did" at the end gave the viewer something funny to remember.

...look what you did... haha!

great stuff man XD
i can imagin we'd all like to rip into the weather guy sometimes cus most the time he either lies to us or forcasts utter shite!
but its nice to see what would happen if you did id probally think twice before screaming at him next time XD
bice oneeeeeee

7 gold stars in circles

it redeemed itself with the "look what you did"

it was way too jumpy, changes between the anchors, crew and Bob were disorenting

Did you just say snow

This coffee taste funny. Very funny and very very original
great job, hope to see more


I couldn't put two O's or might have looked weird