Reviews for "Tall 'n Short"

Excellent Btw,Nice Sound Effects I couldnt understand a single thing the blue box said when she was crying

Why did you do it, Bill? WHY?

after watching this video i laughed so hard i cried. i havent laughed like that in a long time and i had to thank you. its just that i could picture you sitting there crying like that and (im sorry) that image was so hilarious i couldnt take it. i think this is this is the funniest video you've ever made, honestly. I love your videos because you reach out to your audience on a personal level by reminding us that there's really a hilarious person at the other end making them. THANK YOU

Very funny and mind blowing art but fuck frank cuz he or she is such a needy bastard or bitch.

Btw,(preons?)worst misspelling of persons in the history of words.

why did the bule box say preons why not girl