Reviews for "Another Zombie SG"

Great work

I love your earlier quizes. You put alot of work into these things, we teh zombie loving community appreciate it. I was bitten recently in fact I am starting to feel weird. I wish I had read your guide a little earlier cause I really could have used it fo... aaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrggggggg hhhhhh...*drools*

MrAids responds:

Earlier quizes...


The same with the guy under!

Really neat, though, I didn't really need it 'cause I know a zombie from inside-out! But if I forget ANYTHING, I'll be sure to check this out(Unless the zombies haven't destroyed any Internet cables). Really neat man! But I wasn't really sure why you need a bandana. Until I kind of forgot and it's for when you or a friend is hurt and you useit as a band aid. And yeah if zombies over run Columbus, I'm better to kill them all with my MTAR21(I'm in SWAT team so I have skills).
P.S. If you want a good zombie story go to my page and look at some of my latest posts ad you will soon find a story called Death and Undead. Once again, nice flash and info!

MrAids responds:

And you know, bandana's do serve practical uses...

I mean, that's why they were made.

Why using radio instead of the internet ?

Almost every home have the internet , the internet cable are not exposed so they wont be easely destroyed , i have a solar plate , so i will have all the electricity i want. A type of armor I like are the plate metal armor with hydromechanisme resistant movement systeme with a electronic heat modulator. Anyways zombie are not that dangerous is a human walking capacity with a spreading factor , roof bridge systeme will be good for travelling into a city , from roof to roof , zombie can't do shit. Humans survivors are more dangerous , especially if one of them become a ennemy.

MrAids responds:

Who would keep the internet and electricity running when everyone's a zombie? Most radio's run on batteries, and you can send your own message to other possible survivors, and receive emergency broadcasts.

All plate armour is heavy. Try fighting in a suit of armor, and see how slow you are. Plus, the features you're talking about run on power, which might be cut off eventually.

Assuming you are talking about inner city rooftops, zombies have access to rooftops through stairs, so rooftops in inner cities are not a safe travelling route. Rooftops anywhere else are likely to be spread apart and too great a distance to jump, and carrying something to cross would weigh you down. Staying on the one roof that can only be accessed with a ladder is good for a small time, but they are not liveable.

Human survivors indeed can be dangerous, that's why stealth at all times would not only decrease zombie encounters, but human encounters as well. You would see/hear survivors before they see/hear you, and you have the option to stop and join with them or ignore them and move on.

very intresting

i doubt it will ever happen but i enjoyed the reading, really sparked my imagination.

MrAids responds:

Cheers, the second one is in the works, with more information and more user-friendly. Keep an eye out!

Very well put together

I'm always a fan of quality Zombie work, and while this was certainly not the best I've seen, it's very far from the worst. I really liked the fact that you broke everything down into groups and subgroups, but a menu system would have streamlined the experience much more. And maybe switching up the images you used would have added some variety instead of Dead Rising and Romero imagery. There's plenty of quality work on Teh Interwebz. Anyway, good luck in the future and keep it coming!

MrAids responds:

Thanks for the suggestions!

I'll definitely be incorporating an interactive menu, so viewers don't have to read everything, they can just select what they wish to read from the menu.

And I tried to use images from as many different zombie sources as possible, but I couldn't use any from L4D, or 28 Days/Weeks, since the zombies were all fast moving. Although I might be able to squeeze in some images where they just look like zombies, instead of fast angry people.