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Reviews for "Chibi manga: Dating sim"


AGE:OVER 9000!!!!!!

hulster responds:

haha afcourse when you got the apportunity go for it ;-p


no offense its horrible i cant make one at all but damn i cnt date one and i got em up to like 150 percent it still didnt show red in the dorm. you neede to play it your self dude no offence im not playn this again 10 for effort

hulster responds:

What the hell,

I just played it everything works fine just get your charm and strengt to 50 and you can talk to the girl by the school. Then just work get 5000 dollar by 5 necklasses give it to her and then you can visit her in her room go on dates and in the end see hentai movies and pictures.



Your spelling sucks boy!

but that does not matter.

I would like to point sum things out that bugged me.
1. The school and the dorm seem inter connected, (though classrooms that lead to half naked chicks does not seem like a bad idea) it was very confusing.

2. The way to raise stats didn't appeal to me at all. It's all in one place! I would expect you to raise IQ in a classroom, strength in a gym, ect.

3. no sound, like, at all. I don't like it.

but a six for everything else ^_^ hell, I can't even make a button in flash right yet, so a 6 for you.

hulster responds:

Haha yes it does. my englisch not is so very good :-p

1. Well have naked girls are always a good idea at any time ;-)

2. Yeah i am lazy.

3. okee i am sorry.

Well thanks for the review


I can tell you are new to this... A bit. The art is... well... eh. The girls are kinda... Blobish.
And the map is screwy. Seriously. I've never tried this sort of thing (no flash whatchamajig) but did you test it? The school leads to dorms in a odd way, and it's like a huge circle DX
I did like how this is the first date sim I have been able to max stats at, and 50 = good number. 69 = might be better :P
I think you have potential :D somewhere. XD

hulster responds:

well okay, i did spend a lot of time on this and my next one will be better afcourse.



i like the game. I cant get to Celiny's room, and the menu next to the other 2 girls isn't coming up - i have got Celiny to have the status "she now thinks your date worthy" - help me pls. ty

hulster responds:

sure after: she now thinks your date worthy, you have to go to the girls dorm there you can find celiny now and date her. and after a date you can also go to the dorm to the room of the other 2 girls and date them to. good luck