Reviews for "Fart-O-Mat"


ok, fart humor is like 15 years ago. there is nothing funny about fart humor anymore. (yawn) it was boring. really boring. so boring i had a seizure.

What are you ON?!?

......OK seriously...... no offense but fart humors kinda.... you know stupid... i dont know if this is your first or not but keep tryin bub!


I don't know what swordmen_holy's problem is. Maybe he just doesn't want to admit that he loves it. I bet you he probally played it atleast a dozen times. Anyway great game thingy, I thought I was going to die I was laughing so hard. Great job!

really not that funny

this might entertain a 6 year old for 10 seconds, enjoy a better game than this. Fart-O-Mat = A GIANT WASTE OF TIME.


i killed sudam lol i fart in his mouth!!!!!