Reviews for "Ninja Chronicles"

ninjas dont need plots to be awesome

just a sword and some shuriken does it all for them!
doesnt really need a plot to be awesome, and it was awesome...

-LemonFace - formerly known as fluffles the ninja

Lare responds:

Your attitude is awesome. Thanks.

True Ninja

This i ninja.
You are ninja.

One thing though, colour wouldn't make it a bigger filesize however WITH colour it wouldn't have the same effect. BTW is this fort minor singing?

Lare responds:


And yes, it's the lead singer Mike Shinoda from Fort Minor singing.


Although no plot I still loved it. your getting much better flash by flash. i liked the opening with the clouds. That really grabbed my attention. Can't wait for more.


Lare responds:

Thanks, Jesus loves you. I'm just waiting for your flash to some out.

very nice dude

i like it althugh i didnt really understand what was happening but still good dude. cant wait to see what you make next

Lare responds:

Thanks. Stay tuned for the sequel!

hay dude

i like it but u need to use more frames per sec.
oh and if u havent checked i replyed to the comment u posted on my idea bout a madness thing thing game/movie that i was wrong.....well thats wat u basicly said....

anyway good movie

Lare responds:

Thanks, and your right about the fps, it should be higher. I'm a failure in life.