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Reviews for "Hey Wizard!"

Not the best.

The levels were a bit too slow for me. I would've liked a jump button. Some of the levels were just too frustrating. I thought the game would be better if you added more things in; it was a bit repetitive.

could be better

you really need to give a magic gauge so we know how much we have left...and the lighting is a bit eradic...you need to work on it...has alot of potential, but uses none of it...and make the fire have better range

a fun RPG

i liked the way of the adventures but some levels are harder than bosses like level 4 is harder than 6 so i actually jumped and since i only use fire as jetpack and to light necron hands it hardly levels you should like not if you only use lighting you can only level lighting in each stage gain some points to use them at a skill of your choice
well animation and gameplay i played this for 3 days seperately but it gets boring after finishing the last stage and he's kinda easy i killed him with lighting without it maxed overall rating i'd do is 6/10 3/5 keep up the good work

it was ok

it waz ok if you like crap....even though i found a prety good way to jump....the game blows...if you like the game you could use this tekneke...you charge the lightning...and you qiukly (in mid air) change to fire and you make some good disance and some good mile ege with the fire....but then again i wished some one would kill me wile i waz playing the game...it completely sucked(but thats only me opinion...and my opinyin iz usauly looked highly opon...so BLOW ME

very bad

should've added jump. pissed me off that u had to use lighting to jump...