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Reviews for "Is that... Barry Scott?!"

Barry Scott > God

Seriously, Barry Scott is DA MAN!

The flash is pretty random, but that's what makes it so funny.

The graphics are decent. They could have been a bit cleaner, but everything goes so fast that it doesn't really matter.

The backgrounds are a bit disappointing, though. I think Barry Scott should be standing in front of a hughe shelf filled with Cilit Bang! :D

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DAGamesOfficial responds:

barry scott kicks ass, loving your icon too xP and yeah the graphics were kind of rushed in a way, wanted to let people see more of what Im doing though, so yeah could've been better xP

WOOP barry scott

Barry scott is the Legend
Cillit Bang Powns Every other household product =]
Nice one dude

DAGamesOfficial responds:

lol barry scotts adverst will always be better than lose other lame ass adverts you see of deodrent that dont make sense! thans, glad ya liked :D


awsomeness man, nice job

DAGamesOfficial responds:

thanks dude :D




hahahahahahaha! ITS SO F***ING FUNNY