Reviews for "You're welcome!"


that was cute but some mean :( poor kid

Poor kid

Makes you feel bad for that little kid.

MarsYam responds:

Well, it should have been funny...
But thank you for your review and time!
Btw, that is also what my sister said! ^^


I actually like the old movie style you did with the text. Can't say I was a huge fan of the animation style, but it was original. Great work!

MarsYam responds:

I do realise the animation was pretty simplistic (and I guess that is why you're no fan of it), but it was really my purpose to make the movie simple.

Very Cute.

I liked it, and I had a good chuckle at the end. =)

No, your welcome!

I liked this little short, although this movie isn't great in itself, you show a lot of potential:
Art/Animation: Your art isn't bad, it's just very simplistic. I think if you just spent more time on the artwork and made it more detailed, which I know you can do you'll have a very good looking animation. Your animations are seamless, but you never animated anything to complex. Still, excellent job on the animations.

Story/humor: Ehhh... it wasn't a bad storyline, but it wasn't great either. Basically the entire story was trying to get to a single punchline. Thtat's okay, but even the punchline was a bit hackneyed. I could basically the joke coming ahead of time. If you want to make a great animation you need a more complex storyline and more pay off at the end. I think that is were your movie really suffered. But it's also an area that's not impossible to fix!

Sound: I thought the sound was very appropriate, well done there.

Overall it's got to be one of the best movies I've seen under 200k, put sometime into a longer one, and I think you could have front page.

MarsYam responds:

You do speak wisely! ;)
But it wasn't my intention to create anything complex, just wanted something that was fun to make.

Btw, I really appreciate the constructive advice you just gave me!