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Reviews for "Skyfaller Pt 2"

loved it

i beat your highscore at mah first try although it gets a little bit hard later cool game loved it


f'ing awsum game dude

very nice

great game, good graphics, i like the bubble lol
hmm it lags alot specially when there are alot of rockets so may wanna fix that..
everything else is nice

I got 3851 =P

good play

my score was 3505 first try

Nice Job.

You know what, for such a simple game, that was actually decent.

What I liked the most, weirdly, was that sound (i guess of the parachute) as you moved the character. That was a small but vital touch, IMHO. It's the little things. (That's what she said, anyway.)

And what I liked the least, weirdly, was the "YOU LOSE!" at the end. Something about games where you're told that you've "lost" even though there's NO actual way to "win" the game... you know what I mean?

Anywho, whatevsies. Thanks for your submission.