Reviews for "Dearly Beloved Once More"

I like it. inspiring.

This is simply music to my ears,great job with the song! :D

I don't believe it... you... you did it. I always believed music could never be truly replicated by a different artist than the author-- in this case, the composition of Yoko Shimomura. But somehow you were able to reignite my imagination of Kingdom Hearts.

The magic, the mystery, the power that just draws you in from that piano... From hearing it I'm so excited and happy-- I'm just waiting for the adventure to begin once again. I'm ready... to dream again.

Are you real?

Let me present to you a true 5/5 score. (PS. The drum was a nice touch, it made it epic)

It's so incredibly easy for me to get chills and cry at this song from the sadness in the piano, but I do not get depressed. It does not have that depressing feel, just the feel of sadness. If I need a good cry, I'll come here.
Of course, it brings back the nostalgia of KH sooooo hard. <3
DL'd within first 5 seconds
;) <3

i was playing starcraft when i heard this. my last marine made it home when the others died. needless to say this song saves lives.

5/5, 10/10, i hate you you made me cry baby tears in front of EVERYONE

but i <3 it.