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Reviews for "Slug Designer 2"

that was it?

i think its my fault for not reading the title that much.. well, i think this could have been a lot better if we can actually use our "blob".. by the way mine is name blue.. guess why.. it was good.. but come 'on that was it?

Wow :D

How cute! Lookit Mr. Heaven:

5,45,36,223,32,47,165,41,21,40,381.85 ,170.05,392.9,221.6,394.95,242

My dog

Great dressup game! Especially loved the color picker, very intuitive. Here's my slug...thing.

Mr.Mole,Blayke,62.35,125.05,61,126.25 ,135.15,100.25,223,165,28,20,2,372.85 ,196.05,370.9,229.6,410.95,241

Awesome job!

Kewl :3

I like slugs n stuff but u dint have a snail shell? but then itd b a snail....not a slug! but i finded this one funneh: Sonic The Slughog,Dee,193,101.4,193,100.4,220,3 6.4,101,36.4,16,22,36,381.85,170.05,3 86.9,210.6,395.95,241


Only thing it's missing is the Slug's life story.. that was so epic in the first one.