Reviews for "How to steal a flash-TUT"

Pretty funny...

Unfortunately my parents were real close when it happened. This enough to throw anyone off stealing a Flash...but I do it anyway! But I don't put it off as my own work...congratz on Underdog of the Week!


That was awesome man. I jumped out of my chair when the smiley started to scream.


great though
May peaple learn this lesson
i was just curious about the way peeps can steal , i cant think of simply other ways than uploading the file.
not that i tried lol

did i mention i bounced off the chair when the smiley started to scream?

Dear Fora:

I love you but this isn't going to work out.

Let's just be friends.

Thieves will get the message.

Thought after learning how, I'd steal this for practice.