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Reviews for "Trapped with Zombies"

not bad,,, in fact, it is kinda fun

and... i agree with ZeroPaladn... you should use _spacebar_ to shoot.... should use arrow keys / LMB to shoot... and mouse to aim....

Very fun

I like this game alllot! I think you can expand on this as well. If you had more music than the one that was in the background and add the ability to stop sounds. I also noticed the ability weapons like Armor piercing and Soft shot hit your allies, bummer. Maybe you could also put more levels, primary weapons, a mouse aimer would be cool too. Nice touch with the highscoreboard and ctrl quick turnaround. Overall I loved it.

OK Zombies

1st the health restore just disapers to fast the helper guys could be better but other then that not a bad little zombie game


Ok, but the guys get in the way, I always kill them with the piercing thing. Maybe take out guy-damage and add a mouse aimer?

I liked this game.

I enjoyed this game, haveing survivors made it more interesting and adding lots of zobies made it a little faster. However things that cold be improved on would be, more zombie entrances, better GUY intelligence, weapon selection, better upgrades, different maps, and meters for GUY living guy stats...thats can be expanded or minimized.