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Reviews for "Frantic"

Not quite Danmaku, but close.

While not as insane as some other vertical scrolling shooter games, this is a very nice little game. It was a bit easier than I would have liked(beat it first try, lost no lives...), but the design of the ships was very cool. There were also a few nifty bullet patterns hiding in there! Keep making these and getting more insane with the boss patterns, maybe add multiple lifebars with different patterns or difficulty levels if you make another (which I would definitely play!)

I'd love to see another sometime :D


This was freaking awesome
Once I got the LVL 5 laser wingmen and +50 atk... becuase i didnt buy anything besides the more money before that... wow that level shit didn't even make it onto the screen. Awesome game. I made top 25 first time.

Unique graphics, fun game

The adrenaline bar with differing effects depending on how full it is is a great concept. I tried to time it so that it was in the health-replenishing zone for the final boss fight (but not so full as to trigger the laser beam). This means firing it off early when say in the blue zone so that it doesn't fill up too fast.

one problem one big problem

gun always fires? even though if i had to click to fire i would have it constantly going, i still like the freedom of not always shooting. Others would agree.

Really nice

Great classic style!
I like the look of the game, but i was surprised to see there wasnt much of a background. Just something to look into.