Reviews for "Halloween Shooter"

very cool

Very cool game!

the graphics were good.

and the game it self was ok.



Does it ever end? Or does it go on forever? Also, it reminded me of Batman.

8 of 10. Good job.


I'll have to come back to this when Halloween comes around just to get in the mood. I liked shooting the bats and the way you had a tunnel moving was a nice touch.


More colour
Different enemies

~ DeIvL666 ~

Happy very belated Halloween!

I thought that this was pretty enjoyable if not one of my favorites. The design of the bats was very simple indeed but it didn't have to be too complicated to be enjoyable. I also liked how the design was done with really nice graphics of the gave, even if they didn't change. I couldn't even tell whether or not I had lost a pumpkin; it must have happened all at once. I guess it wasn't that addictive, but it is something that you could play for a long time. You have managed to take a very basic idea and still make it playable, so good for you.

Simple idea turned good

So here was a simple idea that turned out to be pretty good and you have some nice graphics behind the simplistic idea but it was way more then simple you made it fun and action packed I think you should have different types of Batts some that can really cause you some damge and some that don't but really this was a fun game and worked very well from a simple idea

More bat types