Reviews for "Crunchdown"


Great game! Made me think of Streets of Rage(especially with some of those sound effects) and Kirby combined. Wonderful idea, I did get stuck after I got The cop at the end of the mall to pretty much no life, then I ate him and turned into a dog and couldn't leave that area.

I've been waiting for this moment

Ever since I played the demo, I've been dying to play the full game.

Fun game, but...

Fun game, but its so cheap! I won't be able to hit somebody because I'm not directly in front of them, but unfortuneately it doesn't work that way for them. Also I died three times because I was surrounded by a group muscle guys who wouldn't stop punching and charging. Great idea and executed well, but the lack of fair play takes away from it all.


Great abilities, great weapons, truely a great fighitng game.


crappy storyline but awesome game