Reviews for "Suddenly Bear"

Nice Concept

You should try and get this in flash very good shit right here. With my reviews i foucus on the negitive but offer constructive criticism, so dont feel as though iam flaming you or anything.

Negitive Points:

1. Keep the bear sound effect, but lose the BOOM!

2. The roaring lyrics are not aggressive enough and at points it seems like your stuggling to keep up with the tempo.

Overall really good though and it has a really good comedy factor to it also pretty neat mastering.

- FridayFox

(Give this review if you have the time ... http://tinyurl.com/84w9ayo ... (Its house music you might not like it)

DruoxtheShredder responds:

What's wrong with the boom? It allows for the bear to appear in a violent explosion. Which allows for a pretty awesome mental image in my mind, personally >.>

And the off timing, I assume is in the beginning? That's supposed to be like that so it sounds stupid.

I wish you explained why and where in your criticism so I knew what exactly you're talking about in the song so I can see/hear what you're talking about...