Reviews for "Mewplume - (Mew + Vileplume)"

Ya know, I always thought Mew was a fetus
You've made proof now

LukeF responds:

I think it's based off of a fetus and sphynx cat but who knows :D

this is amazing. I'm more of a line drawer, but do you have any advice on painting without them

LukeF responds:

Thank you!
Lines are good, Painting without them can be nice but it's risky unless you really know what your painting. I usually have a sketch or some type of lineart before I go into Painting. My Advice would be to try remove as much of the lines as possible when you get to the painting stage. Like if you were painting a Flower you would use the lines to know the shapes of each part but once you have blocked in the general shapes of it you can start to remove the lines and have a somewhat flat looking flower. Then you add in the Values to give it depth and finally light and shadows depending in the direction.
You can also practice by Painting objects from reference using just paint brushes, no line art. Start off with basic shapes and then move onto everyday objects (nothing too complicated) after a while you should be able to see the shapes in things and be able to paint them without lineart.
Hope that helps :D

This drawing looks close to realistic, however, the effects are extremely well applied, and the concept is also good and original.

LukeF responds:

Thank you Choonie :)

Hey dude

I really love this piece, the colours and the composition just really do it for me.
The design is curious, kudos for going in such a different direction compared to many of the other entries, hopefully it works out for you :)
This piece just invokes a sense of curiousity and a need to know more about the setting.

Good job and good luck!

LukeF responds:

Thank you, so nice of you to say that. I'm really happy you like it. :)

I love how you put a story behind this, and make an image, with amazing detail, and awesome shading.

LukeF responds:

Glad you like it, and Thank you so much that's so kind.