Reviews for "Angry Dog - Lizard Dome"

kinda was weaker than the rest

this one fell short.the jokes were ok...


Normally love the Angry Dog series, but this one came up remarkably short. There was very little humor (except for the newsman satire) and it seemed that you just hurried this one out there to buy yourself more time to work on number 7. If you had combined the two, we might not have had that problem, but this one is the worst one of the series by far.


Love herbs poncho, that is all.

Messed Up

They just made a greenhouse, which would get hot enough to kill the lizards too. I wish I were as smart as the mayor.

Pretty Good.

I did not find anything wrong with this one, but i felt like after watching it once i felt like i had enough of it... which is not what i usually do with your videos, i usually watch them over and over and over until im sick of them.

I Just dont know T___T, when are you going to release the next episode :] looking forward to that one.