Reviews for "Elektric Drawingz 3"


ok, it's working fine for me now, I thing the first time, its just that you cant tell that the playbutton is there until after you click it, cause it doesn't show itself or a hand symbol until clicked. But it's working great now, and it's going in my favorites. Gool game, keep up the good work.

liam responds:

Thanks, and thanks for PMing me with your problem! Glad I could help

How To Play

If anyone here has a smaller brain than normal people, you have to turn the quality up to high, press clear, then turn down the quality and start drawing! :P Have Fun

liam responds:

Actually you just have to press Clear then you can start drawing. I actually fixed the bug but it hasn't updated (that was ages ago).


I LOVE THIS!!!!! its superkool n i had a lot of fun messin on it!!


I found this pretty amusing . GREAT JOB


Cool i made Cole maccain really fun Game you make a madness scene creator on this game