Reviews for "Escape: The Second Room"

Don't give up

Hey ODD, don't give up, please. Be patient.

for people who cant finish (spoiler)

type in safe "#3384 and get gold key then go to kithcen get mitens and brass then click on brass and press spacebar on ovrn and get mould and brass.click on mould with brass and spacebar on oven get mits spacebar on oven u get brass key
use gold key on door you cant open and click on the H on home sweet home to get needle go in through door after using gold key use needle in hole in box to get clay use brass key on door and u out.

One fatal flaw

This and the first one the paper shreds were extremely annoying to have to deal with; if you don't have a system that allows them to click into place then having pieces that small takes away from the fun of the game and just makes its frustrating. Not bad by any means though, that's just a huge annoyance.

ODD-1 responds:

yeeh, I couldnt think of a new way to hide the numbers without paper shreds :(

But thanks :)

Ok as a game

I like escape games as a general rule BUT there were some problems with this one.

When you take some items they stay in place (m***s, and b***s), or disappear but reappear next time you go to the scene (n****e) [stars used to avoid spoilers].

With some items you can place them behind others in your inventory which can make them almost disappear)

Other comments:
Although in a purely logical sense it does make sense to have played the first game first, not everyone will have the time or inclination to. Any sequel should be able to stand alone be it book film or game and here one puzzle is all but impossible without having played the first game.
Secondly the use of space to combine items on screen I found awkward, particularly playing without sound as it wasn't always obvious whether somehing I'd done had had any effect.

Still, is ok and graphics are an improvement on the first so all heading in the right direction.

ODD-1 responds:

thanks :D

ill take a note of all that :D


This has good potential (not to sound cliche) but its just bad. Dont give up you'll get there eventually. Oh ye it is buggy as well. Keep trying. 2/5 4/10