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Reviews for "(B7) Carol of 10,000 Hells"


Ha, caught your attention, eh Burn7? Hopefully... >w>

Anyways, respectably good song, looking forward to your B7 edit. :P

P.S. Not much of a review, huh... >.>'

Burn7 responds:

Not that bad of a review, man. I've had much worse. Trust me :D

sounds solid

If you can make the metal in the burn7 as equally awesome as they are here then do it. You certainly have had a return to form for me, I just can critic anything you do right now. It's just too awesome!

Burn7 responds:

HELL YEAAS!@ Glad I'm on the path towards being a total fucking badass! :DDDDDDDDdz

Another Freaking awsome SONG!

My Little brother and i always listen to your songs, every time theres a new song, we sit there and listen to all of them. My little brother keeps saying "Christmas carols + Burn 7 = WIN!" Hes a huge fan of yours :P. Keep up the good work mate :P

Burn7 responds:

Haha hey dude, how ya doing?

Long time no see man, I'm glad both you and your little bro enjoy my tunes :D

As long as you keep coming back, I'll keep making them :3


Another awesome song by the man himself. But your facebook link doesnt work for me. D:

Burn7 responds:

The man himself? Haha whaaaaat? I ain't that famous, amigo :P

Try this one: http://www.facebook.com/Burn7Music?ref=ts

Fuck, I love that moment in this song where it sounds melodic, it reminds me of old In Flames. Thats awesome, you need to make more songs like that. :) All of your songs are great man, keep up the good work