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Reviews for "Ninja Quiz"


you almost got me in the last question,but i have already read the reviews(all of them or the 25 reviews)

Lare responds:

Good for you.

its awsome

i got it on my first try and by the way nunchakus were used by ninjas i read some about it in a stephen hayes book i might have spelled his name wrong but he is a ninja master in the martial arts hall of fame

Lare responds:

I'm glad you liked it, but research shows that nunchakus were not used by ninjas. They were commonly used by other martial artist, like kung fu practitioners though. Nunchaku was not an effiecent weapon when you needed to kill someone fast and silently. It caused a lot of noise to use and it sometimes bounced back from the target causing damage to the user. They also require numerous strikes to defeat an enemy, so they weren't usefull for ninjas.


i knew most of the ansers xsept 4 the ninja question like the sumthin-sumthin a.d. and the last 1 but yea i still like it! and uh did u purposely miss a few hand signs? idk i just feel like u may hav missed sum...or not mabe im just bein weerd

Lare responds:

No, I think I got them all...

AWESOME!!!!both ninjas and this game

i got all the questions right on the first try except for the last ONE!!!!!nice game!

Lare responds:


right answers-0%
wrong answers-100%

Lare responds:

That's a really interesting statistic fact there, boy!