Reviews for "The Bukakke Udon Song"

Awesome song

This was easily better than alot of the anime I've tried to watch before. Funnier, easier to follow, animated better but best of all, this video had a giant chick who shot lasers out of her mouth. If that doesn't scream sexy, I don't know what will.

Love your art

I love your style of drawing, you just keep getting better and better.

I especially liked the fight scene where the shapeshifter character was rapidly morphing as he fought one of the alien opponents, that was ace.

Great stuff !


d-z responds:

Hey thanks, that was the rotoscoped part, i don't want to use much of it though because it leaves one guilty :-)


WOW odd

only one word can describe this ''Random'' but good
Keep it up

You do not dissapoint

You make me feel happy inside.

It's not porn, It's the best music vid ever.

Wow that chuck was so corrupted, it 1: was fail 2: was blonde... Chuck Norris isn't blonde, his hair color is called "Death"