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Reviews for "The King of Fighters-Wing"


ive unlocked orochi to unlock him play as 3 any characters to unlock orochi


I unlocked Orochi and it can be evil mode! Simple hold special and the character will change!Orochi has an awesome special!(down,back,down,back,special)


but there is one small thing... there is now an version 1.3 and it has 2 versions of an character (includeing Orochi who is unlockable even in this version (that is @ Shadowcool, they did not forget Orochi) ) and also an new 3rd from of Iori that is unlocked by beating the game with both versions of Iori and in 1.4 (possibly) will be Chun Li and Mai as unlockable characters.


from where I'm from this game shuuuuuuu is a living legend ........a lot of thanks for the game.....;-)

the great kof flash

this game is awesome but put more street fighter characters any way great job