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Reviews for "Brawl Royale"

Wha... huh?

I don't see why everyone likes this so much?

I mean yeah its fun but guys your hitting a space bar over and over.

Graphics are good though.

But still i mean i got to the chick after the black Robot and i just coulden't be arsed to play all the way to there again.

It would be better if it was like GO then you block and first person to hit the other when they're not blocking wins.

ok good

its ok nothing special about it

lol fun XD

omg i keep getting my ass pwn3d by that demon wizzard dude, i finally made it past and then i get killed by that wind guy! WTF!!??

My God.

Its hard. I have to addmit, but jeez, its good.

Anyone who plays this should be blown away.

Bloody hard tho! :L Keep it up.


this is the coolest flash game i have ever played!
good work