Reviews for "allien invasion v1"

Well Designed

The overall game felt like it was set at normal or maybe a step above normal.
The beginning gave you a bit of slack but then became increasingly difficult. (IE: well balanced)

I felt that this game was very enjoyable, despite the learning curve. The game tested my wits at every level (except maybe the first few.) I eventually was forced to set up defensive positions and held out until the enemy mortors crushed my ranks. (Wave 9) I think that this game is very good as it is currently.

-tutorial as it took me a couple tries before I could make it past the first few levels.
-easier level for players who don't really want to be stressed
-the ability to select multiple units
-upgrade system (IE I kill 10 green Martians with my marine, he gets a slightly better gun)
-mines regenerate (after I mined those that I could, I felt the miners were useless except for suicide bombers 5dmg :D)

Some hints for newer players:
-Rush the aliens with your 2 marines in the beginning and warp a miner to steal their rock. Be prepared to heal your units and warp in more marines near the frontier. I found that healing was a must.
-Turrets have more range then their soldier counterparts but appear to have less accuracy. (+ they cost more ):)
-Missiles have splash, but they can hurt allies.
-(?)Each unit type has a weakness. (the missilers took 6 damage from my missile ret while only 3 from my sniper)


I got a score of 4600!

Too easy now!

Why'd you change it from the original? Will you by any chance email me the original .swf that had the original prices and whatnot for units/buildings/support? I personally think that one posed much more of a challenge and was in my opinion.. Funner. But all in all this is a great game and should definitely be featured on the front page! Can't wait for V2!

changko18 responds:

yeah i still have it but i cant email itfor some reasons... however i did add a difficulty select option if you needed more challenge. also, as i am a one man team, i think its gonna take awhile for me to draw some more new units for v2. im working on a much simpler game right now, maybe id be able to update alien invasion after month or so

i died off

at level 10 this is great im favorting it i cant belive this is just V1


best game ever. its really great. i survived 24 waves...the waves take like 10 minutes after 13. overall i loved it....it was very hard but i had a strategy that made me win super awesomely. i had to repair every now and then and replace destroyed buiildings, how i lost was i always repair and replace and rebuild like every 10 min since my troops are great, but then i left for a hot dog and i forgot about them soo....ya..... here is a hint on winning.

make 3 generators, and miners. send your first 2 marines into the enemys yellow field, then when they cant handle it, make more MARINES. i had the whole feild mined out with 4 miners. once everything is mined, make snipers and giant artilery.

Front line:1 missle turret
Second line and on: 5 giant artellry and 1 house, and thats abkout it. oh and also put only snipers on feild. and scatter then around your base, like 1 next to each building.