Reviews for "Pool Single Player"


One of the best games ive come across on ng so far. It a fav now. Well done, that must have been hard to make.

saikat344 responds:

Thanks a lot man. That is inspiring!

It was alright.

It took me only two minutes to get one pool ball into the pocket! The physics seemed slightly off, but it was still good for your first game. I was also cool that you got add a nickname, kinda made me feel like a proffesion pool player. The graphics ans sounds suited the game well. This game is a very good start for you. Anyway, keep up the great work!

Good game.

This is your first? i'm impressed!
Maybe in the future you should add more game modes because it kinda gets boring quick.

Keep this up!

saikat344 responds:

Thanks. :)

2 problems

the balls (possibly the pockets as well) in comparison to the table seemed disproportionately small
and the friction seemed really low compared to a real pool table
other than that, solid game...
add background music and make the balls actually look like pool balls

nice work

It's pretty dang good. My only complaints are about buttons. There isn't a button to take you back to the menu, lyk a quit button, and there isn't a restart button either. Other than that, nice game, it's fun.