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Reviews for "Wave Warrior Sonic EXE"

This needs a lot of work

One of the biggest issues with this game is the extremly bad english. Most words were at least spelled correctely, so you should only have to worry about getting someone from the forum or the rest of the NG community to help you with translations. Next is the sounds and the graphics: the graphics were blurry and choppy so you might look for someone to help you smooth out the edges for you a bit as an editor. The sound you already commented on so cant really say anything that you already haven't but having to hear Sonic cry "WHAT" every time he gets hit is way too annoying to deal with more than twice. Seriously find some new sounds and voices (possibly even voice actors before putting together the next one. Now on the game itself...it should really be labeled game... The game DEPERATELY needs numbers recording how much health, magic and OD meter remain, as well as how much damage is being done so you can keep track of what is happening and how much you can push yourself to the limits, otherwises your just "shooting in the dark." And as for the battles, they need to be at least finishable on the second try at least! I fought Espio 3 times and still didn't beat him! Activating the OD was hard enough without having to save every ounce of magic you've got just for an attack that doesn't do much and no way to build it up without getting hit by HIS OD! Apart from this game being a total ripoff of BlackDevilXs' FFSX, I think this whole game needs to be sent back through the assembly line in preparation for the sequal if there is one. If your going to make a series based off of someone elses work, at least try to emulate thier adhearence to quality.

that was good, but...

learn to use grammar please. woulda given it a 9, but the grammar...geez man. your like, (thios wasnt an actual saying from the story, but its close) "my master awaken in 2 body" you get 5/10 for that sort of thing.

Get your grammar right.

I can't beat Espio!!! UHG!!! Can someone give the the password for after Espio? Please?

The dialouge is just terrible! Once sonic said "why I must do that"