Reviews for "STERN"

Need some fixes

Game is loading well and is making nice impression but...:
No chance to see statistics of character no option to flee, defence, using items,and much more... at battle, nbo exping system, AND THE WORST IS MANY MANY BUGS....
But I hope U can fix bugs and game cuz I see U have very nice idea for this game... but it needs some fix and work and it can be ROX ;)
very nice sounds ;)

i have found a bug

it is after you kill the gaurd then it plays the cut sceen it repeats it over and over again.but i like this kind of games and i cant wait till next 1

ninjitashistory responds:

thanks for the score,and also for describing the bug


bien! con una cuenta mia te habia dejado un comentario hace dias pero no se porq lo borraron XDD en fin! te quedo muy bien solo que hay uno que otro bug en el juego pero te quedo muy bien! Xp

ninjitashistory responds:

graxias ernesto,tambian no me habia dado cuenta pero gracias por ponerme en los agradecimientos especiales de ML3!!!

there are alot of flaws in action scripting

1st. i comend u guys on your valiant effort.
2nd. you guys need a product tester cuz during battle u have the option to attack as many times as u want if u click attack at the right time.
3rd after using this particular bug on the frist guard u'd come across a loop plays out that u can't escape from.
i haven't been able to go further than that.
keep up the great work and i wish u luck in ur future endevors
another nintendo employee

ninjitashistory responds:

sorry for the late reply...but well since i think of this game as old i do no check this often.well the things you say are tru and i'll try to improve.thanks

pretty cool

hey, I'm planning on making an rpg, and just wondering, did you just draw the explosions? (ice and fire) cause they were pretty good.

glitch, at least on the guard. You can click your attack over and over and they don't attack. Then it broke though...

ninjitashistory responds:

yup i had drawn the explosions,pure frame-by-frame,also if you need some tut 'bout making an rpg-ish batlle look for this one.
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /230421