Reviews for "Prismacolor OC Portraits"


this is a great way of working on char ideas and develpoment... love the mix of ideas here... the colours really work well... like some more then others but overall a really nice piece... like how neatly each one is lined out... nice style as well... seen as there is alot to look at... theres going to be some minor issues with aligments and sizes... there is a few i can spot but nothing major... cant wait for your next piece...

Sabtastic responds:

The allignment is terrible - but I slapped it all together at 2am last night, so my apologies! XD haha

Thanks~!! :)

Can't stop loving you (or your works).

The two things that really hit my heart this time:
1) The fact you did these with markers WHILE in job.
2) That these are characters you spawned during your teen zenith... It seems to happen to many of us... That those little chars we made up when we fought with zits and hormones resist to fade out and keep knocking at our memory door claiming to be used once again... (Stop hammering the door, Fallout Fighter! And you, Li'l Satyr, put some clothes on, you teaser!)
Aaahh... I'm all sentimental again...

Sabtastic responds:

B'aww! Thanks!! :D
Your reviews are always such ego boosters! lol

You're too kind. :)

Good play

Nice draws, they looks like "This is my best side" except for Brad, that looks like "Who in the world are taking me a photo?"

Nice painting too, not just for only the painting, for the conservation too, for be around 5 years old are an aditional work too keeping safe.

And (is my opinion) sexy kitty, Kat, but i always think Why the catgirls chars look so lusty... is a part to be a cat??? Anyway, love it, the draw, the painting and the idea of live put in all the characters (and the cat stuff, but that is my likes).

Help to remember the old days in school when the class is too boring.


I would like to here the stories and see some comics. These drawings are great and are a big change from your normal drawings. The color and shading look good, and the textures not bad either. Cant wait to see wat else you've got in that sketch book

great picture

my favorite is rouge, and makai