Reviews for "fantasy fever"


Wasn't even amusing in one of those weird, insane, ways. The animation on the legs was nice, and that was the only redeeming quality.

notoorjus responds:

Yeah, legs are awesome.



for the drawing skills

no comment

... that was strange and why has no one posted (p.s. give an elipilepsy warning cause I don't have it and it almost gave me a sezure) god I suck at spellin g

notoorjus responds:

I have gotten a seizure from this plenty of times, do you hear me complaining?


I'm sorry this is terrible.

Non sequitur stuff like this should not be one the front page. The loop is too short and is made up of non orginal items. The bg mauis is static and ear piercing. I find no redeeming qualities about this flash. Plus the clock guys only appeared for a few seconds and didn't sayanything!

notoorjus responds:

http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /441536

ololo this is so random lol " italin plumber" just sooo random
10\10 man keep it up!!


terrible just what is this garbage

clock day is garbage and this is the biggest piece of garbage yet. their is no point for this except to take up a spot on the front page from someone with originality, humor, or talent. i know i don't make flash but i know when something is downright awful