Reviews for "Rotten Antenna"

great work

i would say that this was a good noir animation and the showdows and lighting effects were cool

Nice Flash Work

Bonus points for using flash as flash instead of just putting a movie or frame by frame bitmaps into flash. A lot of the movies on here could just as easily been put on youtube instead of flash as they don't use the program really. Nice work!


The animation was amazing and the sound was beautiful. Correct me if I am wrong, but a lot of people have been saying that it was sunrise, which I think is incorrect. The sun is actually setting, it comes from behind the black clouds and then sets.

Not sure if there is a story or a meaning for the black clouds blocking the sun, but it affected me nevertheless. Great work.

i had to watch it twice

i wanted to get the full effect, it was great! i dont know if i interpeted it right, but i love the sunrise, the art was so good, and the starlight it was so good, im still confused about the not so good antenna, and the pretty girl,

good stuff

i liked it, it made me feel relaxed like the earth stood still and evrything was calm while i was watching it i really hope 2 see more