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Reviews for "Create a Gun V2"


Has so many realistic parts that fit together perfectly.


Its the best Drag'n'Drop game i have played so far! I am recommending this to go into the gadgets collection! Good job, cant wait for part 3!!!! P.S. you should use some Dj Nate music in V3, and i also agree with that guy you replyed to , about the firing range.


It's pretty good. The only problem I ahd was working out where things will go but, yeah, good to see that that will be resolved in V3. A suggestion: Could you make it so that after we have made our gun, we can group it and rotate it? It's not much but it would be so cool. Still, nice.


Good job! It's improved since last time and there are some good options. The sound effects are OK and though the visuals are a bit lacking, tis good overall!

(Oh, and peeps having trouble with any game thas too big, click pop-up)


That was really good, except for the fact i couldnt work out where some of the stuff went. its good to know that many of the problems will be resolved in v3 and i liked how you showed v3's features such as what music would be in it. one complaint, i know that youve already sed that there will be music in v3 but it would have been nice if there were a couple in v2, just a suggestion, anyway, good game, good luck with v3!