Reviews for "Weegee's Mansion"

I ain't 'fraid of no ghost! Just Weegee

well you definitly got the creepiness of Weegee down
dunno if its meant to be just a loop or if thats the power of the Weegee, like he's captured my soul....


Nothing too interesting, but any flash with Weegee is a good flash.

WeeGee Wins

That was pretty funny! Good loop. More sound would have been better though.

~ WeeGee Z

I'm sure you now know how Weegee feels

It'd be tons better if Weegee and/or Luigi spoke, and possibly if it wasn't a random loop.

Well, uh

Nothing happened...
Ya know in some flash animations that are submitted to our glorious portal the artists like to use a technique called, uh, doing somthing but I see your not familiar with the concept.
I will give you this, the animation was quite decent, I liked the shades on the first Luigi, unfortunately he didn't do anything in this animation so it was basically a big old steamy waste of a flash.