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Reviews for "AnteBash"


It would be better if there were some cool moves, weapons, and blood. If you add that then this game would be even better i think. Great game though, very original and interesting. I loved the fact that the music stopped when the violence stopped. And i'm a big Fela Kuti fan myself so that was a good look. You should definately make another one.


Pretty simple, and can really only keep my attention for like... a minute or so. Blood would have been cool, maybe a few different moves, rather than everyone just swatting their arms at eachother, but still, it was fun for that minute.

It definentally deserves to pass, but a sequal should be made with improvements. Maybe some sort of strategy, or plot or something.



i dont get it this game is confusing and has no point

No One Wins

This really isnt much of a game, but it is pretty fun to just click away all my problems out! :)


what's the point?