Reviews for "LRU 3: Darkness Reborn"

A solid game.

First off, I would like to say that I liked this game a lot. It had all the major elements that make a good game great and a great game epic, but therewere just a couple of problems hat I found, which then caused the game's fun factor to be snuffed out. I'll start with the cons and work my way over to the pros.

While this IS a good game, the animation and graphics were my biggest concern. In my personal opinion, the artwork was almost as good as, say, OLD Adventure quest, where everything was choppy and blocky. The battle sequences would also have been a lot more enticing if it had been nice on the eyes. I honestly couldn't keep my mind off of the choppiness in the character movements long enough to finish haf of the side quests on my nobleman. In addition to the graphics, the grammar of the speakers wasn't horrible, but it was enough to make me ignore the meaning of their dialogue. Mind you, you're light years ahead of most of the RPG programmers on the Web (LOLZ INTERWEBZ ORLY ZOMGWTFBBQ LOLOLZ) but it could still improve some work. It just wasn't up to the standards being set by the storyline and other things. But onto the battle system: It was very very limited. I did enjoy the timing sequence for the triple attack, but in all honesty, I think the weapon system was unbalanced. In advanced weaponry, the spinning blade EASILY set the bar. The energy sabre was a little on the underpowered side and the rifle? Virtually light years behind the other two. Same for the primitive weapons: The sword was the common ground of the set. The axe's "low" accuracy was so accurate that every time I did hit low, I more than made up for it on the next hit....and the spear was worthless. Six hits would have been great if it ever HAD done six hits. And the Mystic and Forbidden weaponry just didn't stand out enough: They're supposed to be powerful weapons from epic tales, and yet here I am beating Fatal's face in with a Spinning Blade because the Demon Sword and Scythe were essentially useless, as was the Mystic orb, for similar reasons as the spear. The Mystic Katana was the only DECENT weapon of the bunch, and even then it did second rate damage compared to the arcane weaponry. And I'm running out of space, so I'll wrap up my complaints with Lethal: WHAT A GYP. Here I am all excited to get Lethal that I sail through the game, not even enjoying most of it, and when I finally got him he was like a sickly Royal Knight, with no power or health to speak of. His "Jaggered Edge" wasn't all the other game's in the series had it cracked up to be, though I did enjoy the weapon versatility. And one thing... is it supposed to be "Jagged" as in rough, crooked, and sharp, or "Jaggered" as in I just smacked my foe in the face with the lips of the lead singer from the Rolling Stones?

Moving on to the pros: the battle system was highly innovative, even if the limited spell selection, choppy animation, and imbalanced weapons system made it pretty lackluster, and the elements especially caught my eye. But why were the pairs contradicting common logic? Fire beats Water beats Fire simply baffled me. I kept using electricity against water only to find out that I was only wasting my MP. The other good things were the storyline, the slightly more in depth Hunter point system, and the side quests. All of them were fun, but aside from the storyline, certain aspects took what could have been a wondrous game and diluted it down to the solid gameplay and minor glitches category. I personally enjoyed the twist with Fatal, even if it did come off as a bit soap opera-ish.

All in all, an amazing concept and innovative gameplay, but in the end, only the story was safe from several minor problems that swarmed and ate away at the stuff that was important to the game's power.

In the future, I would suggest making a game collab between you and some of the more skilled and artistic game makers. I'm not saying you're bad, don't get me wrong. That'd be extremely off-base; I loved the concept to death. I'm just saying meet your potential as an NG favorite. 8/10.

if the author every reads this

i liked this one and the second one but my favorite was the first one i think its a little bit weird that u leaves us a game like first one wich was AWESOME but then 2nd and 3rd u lets us walk around. also i loved the building sword in first one wit points. but for this one lol great way to attack by hitting the wasd keys lol nice.


great game each of the LRU series get better and better. I hope you make a 4 one. even if you say this is the final chapter.

Dude Your like a god...

Dude Your like a god... your games are great awesome story line [i dont read it... only parts] and great graphics and battle system. Keep up the good work and make a number 4.


Hey this game is pretty easy with sol. editor i mean my hunter points and cash are 1e65 haha and i have the best armor and the best swords....but over all i played it once fully through and its a great game..