Reviews for "On The Moon (episode 13)"

Lol, Mein Kampf II

It pretty much made my day when I saw that Ep.13 was here. It made my day x2 when I discovered (thanks to "Coop83") that 14 was on your site.

Very funny stuff. I'll be honest, it wasn't quite as funny usual though, I have higher expectations from "TheWeebl". It might possibly have been the addition of an actual plot this time, versus the usual random stuff thrown together... which is odd because I normally prefer things to have a plot, but Idk...

Regardless, even on a bad day your work is better than most.

Very funny!

The little shrimp guy was hilarious!
The graphics were good and the story was kinda hard to follow but entertaining nonetheless. Good Job!


Love that darn prawn XD

I liked the sun the most

I thought his line was just hilarious! good job animating too, and keep up the good work.

What? The Newspaper?

Oh My God, what a cliff hanger. If only I hadn't already checked out the conclusion of this thrilling tale on Weebls Stuff, I might be just a little more intrigued.

That must mean that episode 14 isn't far from submission to this fine site :) Hooray!

Great animation, as always, bringing the quality of the drawing style together with the addition of an 8-bit sun beam. Good to see certain cult figures in the background, including Red Dwarf this episode. What other things can we expect in the future? The Planet Express team flying by?

Good writing this time as well - we've got a nice plot and more madness from Hitler, who proves that you can still be a star at the age of 119. I'd love to see a comeo from the Clangers or the Soup Dragon, by the way.

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