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Reviews for "I can/can't open the door"

Lmao ^-^

Smooth, nice, dominating, AEND HILARTHIOUS!!!11!1one!!1


doode you are really good !!!!!!!!!! i love youre movie !!!!! it´s so cool!! i hope it comes more movies !!

Delamortes responds:

yeah it´s coming more

shouldnt there be a sign that says push ?

lol awesome man awesome


holy crap, that's really awesome for a first movie, not many people were that good at the start, great animation, and funny.
keep up tha good work.

How could you open a door with a MP5, M11 and Dual pistols?By the way epic show!!

Delamortes responds:

He was trying to shoot down the door... But that didn't work so well.