Reviews for "TANKMEN - The Machinima"

Very good.

Everything was timed up perfectly. Although, I am somewhat confused... How is this flash? Its a video you put together using Halo 3. Not that it isnt good, but everyone bombed Freezepop's JEM. But I suppose there are a few key differences in this one. Like for instance, this doesn't suck. I am not trying to be all retarded, and down the movie you poured time and effort into, but I was just curious.

Good job by the way, great film and I hope there are more like it soon.


i wish i could give that a higher score. a beautiful rendition of the original. i would love to c more

copy, but still funny

I give a ten because Utah is genius, but all you did was mimic him, and it's interesting to see other people think this is original material, you should have done a better job of giving credit to the original tankmen....

Great Remake

Haha, loved it!

Are you playing Halo?

Nice remake

I liked how you meleed the guy and killed him when in the original, he just pushed him.