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Reviews for "Pandemonium!"


Such a fun game. I love it.
The animations were great, and the incorporation of little movies into the game gave it so much more life.
Loved the level art. Everything was done just right there.

The sound effects were awesome. Really fit in well. Good use of them. The music wasn't the best, but I understand what a hassle than can be (from getting music you have rights to, to keeping the file size down, etc).

The gameplay was great. Loved the isometric design. And while the collect/avoid game is quite common in the flash world, I thought you did this one tremendously well.

Props to all you guys. Nice job.

Keep making these!


good game and nice music but what with muffins

Preety cool

Could have been longer

nice game add some unlocables

and mybe mission mode if you make a seqwal

This really was a lot of fun! I can understand why it has so many views. I really like how you have such a wide open space. I didn't have much trouble not falling off. I like his little screams when he dies. Boy, is that sick.

You shouldn't have reused the cutscene between levels. It was hard telling the difference between the good and rotten muffins. They weren't entirely green. Someone call Derpy! The music was wonderful too.