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Reviews for "B7 - Frosted Underwear"

frosted underwear...

...proceeding to place a fresh one in the freezer now (oddly enough)i like it even if it sounds funny like its unfinished

Burn7 responds:

It is slightly unfinished. Because it's a song tailored to fit a specific instance, it can't just flaunt itself in it's own glory.

This song has a bigger purpose in life. A so it must sound odd.


We took every pair of a friend's underwear while he was out of town, put them in ziploc bags filled with water, and put them in the freezer for a solid week. This song should have been playing during that.

Burn7 responds:

Damn, guess he was wearing the same underwear for a little while, huh?

Unless he wanted to be wearing a cold shower for a little while. Which, I guess isn't THAT weird. Some people like a nice cold shower after watching some Gilmore Girls.

... No, I'm totally not speaking from experience.

>.> Totally not.

(No seriously I'm not)

It's good man

I mean, it's not exactly 100% in most aspects (some stuff loops once too many times for me) but nothing is bad enough to warrant taking away a sticker for you.

The song in all regards I can't fault for what it's meant for: a game which requires a tune like this. So in all regards I'll just leave it at that because I can't say much else on it so good work and keep it up!

Burn7 responds:

Yeah, like I said in the Author Comments, I really dislike it the way it is now. Just because I've had to do SO much to it in order to get it to loop. I'm glad you think I salvaged a decent song out of this melodic mess though :)


I thought it blended well. While it had the "two distinct sections," I think they should be together because it sounds really cool. I liked the build-up too, after that it continues to sound awesome, but I don't expect anything else from you, cause it's all amazing stuff :D.

Burn7 responds:

Haha, well thanks man. I'm glad you like even my weirder less amazing things :D

The intro drags on a little more than what I am used to hearing from you and your older work, but the essential build-up is relative to what comes at 1:10 and onward so it seems. With the blast at 1:28, really got me hooked and lets just say that the utilization of layers here is impressive as FUCK! I know you didn't care for this piece, but you should Nut-Punch yourself, because frankly ~ they flow nicely together!

Moving on ~ The drop at 2:30 was nice, as well as the bass kicks...made my Cat look up, and you should know by now...if my cat looks up, its gooooood! I feel some Sonic 2 in there BIG time starting at 2:51! VERY nice touch bro! A good way to always captivate your listeners is to utilize change-ups (Which you have been doing for YEARS!) and even throw in some tidbits of classic games from the what...80s and 90s? HA!

The drop at 4:20 and fadeout made me wonder exactly what the fuck you were thinking...as that kinda "Burned" my bridge, but the silent pickup made me shut my fingers down from taking half a star.

To be honest, if you do the Ninja Gaiden project that you have in the works similar to this piece...I can see it being front paged! You have quite the following, and a "silent fanbase" that would probably go ape shit crazy over such a piece :P But then again...I'm just that One guy ;-)