Reviews for "Bad Baby"

You have got to be fucking kidding me...

This is too fucking much, I know that I certainly wont be sleeping for the rest of my life now, thanks. I just feel bad for anyone who decides to get stoned before watching this, a recipe for a good trip gone nightmarish.

I like how you integrated different styles of art with each scene, some were ultra cartoony, others seemed sort of Ren and Stimpy like, and there were some gritty dark looking styles incorporated too. Overall, it kind of felt like a breath of fresh air. Different from what I typically expect from flash movies! I enjoyed it despite the horror filled sleepness nights that I will now be subject to.

fucking incredible

i love you so much for making this. ive had ideas to do flashes that are like this before but you pulled it off way better than i wouldve. you managed to take the most twisted fucked up thoughts in your heads and actually bring them to life on screen. great FBF work, great hair raising music, great fucked up mind bending visuals, great everything

this is one of the best experimental flashes i've seen on NG. and one of the most twisted and mind numbing experiences i've ever had watching a flash movie. great work, favorited


I laughed all the way XD Awsome sick video

Nothing short of amazing.

That was one of the most twisted things i have seen in quite a long time and it made my day. Keep up the good work.

Im going to have nightmares now!!!!

Quick question!!! Where did the music come from?

Where on Earth did you get this idea?

I liked how i watched this a few times and am wondering what the heck is the plot here. Please help me!! Anyways looking forward to your next SHOCKING submission.

-Now if youll excuse me im going to scare the heck out of mom by showing her this hehehe.

Catoblepas responds:

There's a link to the song on my userpage.