Reviews for "the cool quiz 2.0"

Pointless, stupid, and tedious

The fact that the entire concept is like the impossible quiz doesnt make this flash bad. its the fact that every answer is completely wrong. odds are your going to have to retry the quiz 2 times per question just to guess it right. the impossible quiz atleast made sence. this was just random. make the questions riddles rather than nonsence. thats the only reason this score is so low.

it r thi :D

nice game, but for some reason the apple doesn't work for me, but besides all of that all of the hentai links work, and they're pretty hawt, last one was ok tho.

what the...!

this is just a badly made rip-off of the impossible quiz...
but i guess everything has a place on the portal, 2 stars it is, that means ur lucky

Sorry, but no...

Already been done, it's called the "Impossible Quiz", and it's alot better done than this, no offense.
Try something more original and it'll do alot better.

coolguy399 responds:

ok i will

Got good lols

dident expect the answers. would of got a higher score if it dident anger me so much. ps. do not play if your high stung lol