Reviews for "The Legend of Newgrounds"

I liked it, no gripes!

People really aren't getting it are they?

The invincibility makes combat easier, assuming you know how to use it and have more than 3 brain cells. You hit them the entire room away from you, and move. Also, I rarely got hit so I never had a problem getting knocked around. I would suggest adding a system that made you stronger over time or can switch out weapons, perhaps based on length. (short sword does big damage, medium length does medium damage, longsword does less damage)

ShirkDeio responds:

Thanks, I'm glad that at least YOU understand how to play this game, unlike the 7,000 other people who are intent on giving me grief about the invincibility.

Yeah, I originally wanted to have multiple weapons (including a bow and arrows), but I was rushed for time.

OMFG! Another Review

Ok.. here is what i think of this game so far...
I actually don't see why the invinciblity is a promblem here.. this is probally an excuse for less experinced gamers. I actually liked the invicibility.. it adds hardness to the game causing hardcore gamers like me to enjoy this. Overall the graphics were nice and the game was good. Hope you continue doing good!

ShirkDeio responds:


That's what I thought, too ;)

nice game

i came across a glitch when i was facing abot i had only one heart left and he hit me but i was still alive and the heart meter had no heart left so i have no idea how that happened but anyway great game

ShirkDeio responds:

Interesting, never seen that one. Thanks for the 10 :D


good game no.. GREAT GAME!! and the storie even works lol

1 problem

The game is good but the problem A-bot IS HARD!!!! please make him easie thats all I have to say.