Reviews for "Man meets many"

First flash?

This wasn't terrible, if you've never animated before. The motion of the people was very messy, and the scenery wasn't anything special, but you obviously put a whole lot of work into this; I like it. Keep at it, and next time try not to use stick figures.

ZayanuZaroc responds:

Sorry that you don't like it.
Or do you like it?
About the stick figure I actually think I'll make more of theese but I will make other stuff too.

Classic stick-figure mayhem

I liked it, the sound was a bit loud, and it wasn't just my settings.

Most of it was quite good for stick figure flash, the stairs and lift part seemed a bit flat, if you know what I mean.

You should probably have some sort of intro where Sarah gets kidnapped, since that would make more sense. I guess what we really wanted to see was fighting anyway, so I think leaving that out was forgivable.

Keep it up and you can only get better :)

ZayanuZaroc responds:

Thank you and in the sequel I will make a story where it begins whith sarah getting kidnapped.


the music stops though

ZayanuZaroc responds:

Thank you and for the music it goes to slow on some computers.
At mine it stops where he drops Sarah.

very good.

im guessing that was your first try at a proper movie. the animation itself was realy not that good but the music was good, the sound effects was good. the graphics again werent that good. but good try

ZayanuZaroc responds:

Thank you and next time I will work more with the graphics.

Not bad at all

At the start of teh movie i didnt think it would be too impressive, but as it went on it wasnt that bad.Some nice creativity and the France bit made me giggle.
Great work, awesome graphics dont always make great flash movies :)

ZayanuZaroc responds:

Yeah this took long time and at the time I animated I learned so thats why the beggining sucked.
Thank you and yes some good graphic movies has sucky animation and I focus more at the animation.