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Reviews for "Make a smilie V2"

Um.. a game

I really don't think this is entertaining at all....

silverwar responds:

aight :(
its an interactive thingie :)

you might want to...

well, figure out if you can put some ''hair colour changer'' buttons on ect :D

silverwar responds:

in the V3 im gonna start all over and than im going to build a hair color changer in:D

Really nice!

Nice one man, althought I would have called it a gadget rather than a game. Nice variety of items, nice music. Good job!
9/10 5/5

silverwar responds:

true but that is not possible:P

It's pretty cool.

The graphics were fun and stuff, and you have okay music. You may want to increase the music's quality though... You should also make back arrows for the traits, rather than using the rectangle with the word in it. I'm pretty sure some people won't figure that out. It was fun for a few minutes though!
(And, one tiny little thing: the spinning orange and yellow background has one frame of stopping. Delete that frame so it's smoother.)

silverwar responds:

thanks for the tip :)


i put 8 only because the fun is short...but i love the animation,the music the smiley i make^^ so keep up the good work!!



silverwar responds:

thanks :D