Reviews for "TF2 Sounboard - The Scout"


quality sounds and nice layout. ONly thing is that you forgot "Alright, I feel good"

fishydumpling responds:

yeah that and "boink", sorry :(

Nice sounds!

This soundboard is nice! The sounds are great, it's not some crappy microphone recored one.


pretty good but one thing YOUR MISSING THE BOINK!


Did a real good job especially with sound quality.You should do a sound board 4 every class

2 Easter Eggs!

Great soundboard. You missed a couple, but I'm not gonna take off points from you for that. 10 Stars, and I voted 5.
Also, here's something for you guys who are reading this:
[Stop reading now if you wanna look for the easter eggs by yourself]
THERE ARE 2 EASTER EGGS! One of them, which should be obvious, is the one you get after you click on the Scout's picture, on the "Credits" menu. It's a picture proving that the cake isn't a lie at all.
The second one is a lot harder to find. It's on the second soundboard menu. You have to click on that guy on the right most part of the screen. Click on his eye.

fishydumpling responds:

lol nice you found it