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Reviews for "Super Mario RPG: Forest Maze"

I love this song!!!!!!!

nice job at this one and tell you friend he did a good job at it too!!! ok who was playing piano and who was playing the bells?? and who composed it or was it both of you?? this was also amazingly magical like all of kindo's songs, but you really brought the forest to life!!! if u woulda made an orchestra version it woulda rocked my socks!!!!!! but this one was a really nice duo nonetheless.

niftyhero responds:

i played piano my friend played xylophone. i'll tell him you liked it


That is about the best remix I've ever heard on Newgrounds. I'm wondering what program you used to get the orchestrated effect. What is it called? Was it free? If not, how much? Err... Too many questions. Anyways, nice work, chum. ^_^!

niftyhero responds:

on this song i didn't use a software. but my friend and I transferred our recording onto ACID 4.0 Pro. that's about the only software we used. glad u like it!


OMFG!!! THAT SOUND GREAT!! They should put that on a VG soundtrack and sell that mess!! The Clasic sound was more that I could bear!

niftyhero responds:

haha yeah! when they make a new mario RPG, resurrect this old song and use my verion for theie soundtrack. haha good idea!

thanks for the review!


I liked how u played this on the piano. Can I plese have the musical notes to this song? I love this song and I want to try to play it on the piano to. ^-^


i just plainly think this song is awesome!